About Us
Nicholas Bernard Ltd
Established in 2010, Nicholas Bernard Ltd has become a global provider of SAP professionals and we are committed to delivering an exceptional service.

How we are different
Multi Lingual Consultants- We have a multi-cultural sales team to reflect the different markets that we operate in, and therefore can conduct business with our clients and candidates in more than 10 languages.
Network- Our network consists of more than 100,000 SAP professionals (candidates and hiring managers).
Technology knowledge- we have a good technical understanding of SAP, which enables us to work closer with our clients and candidates, ensuring that our business development and delivery is second to none.
Ethics- Our aim is to build strong relationships with the people which engage in working with us. This is can only be achieved when you gain the trust and respect from your clients and candidates. We believe we have the right ethics in our everyday business to deliver a professional and straight forward service, at a fair and honest price.
Professional- We like to maintain a professional way of working and build on our reputation for excellence.
SAP Specialist- We are truly a SAP specialist company.
Geographical Coverage- The countries we predominantly cover are UK, Germany, France, Holland, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, India and Australia.
Global Compliant Solutions- We have partnering companies to ensure our freelance consultants are  fully compliant in all the countries we operate.

We adhere to excellence as the main ingredient of our services
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