At Nicholas Bernard Ltd, we see ourselves as your partner who shares your visions and goals.

We apprehend that every potential client has different ambitions and missions. Therefore, our first step is to understand our clients and the challenges they face. By working efficiently and closely with you, we endeavour to deliver a high quality service bringing you the right solution for your project, which will enable you to reach your goals in time and within budget.

For this reason, we take pride in working with the best candidates across the globe, so that your projects teams consists of the most capable and skilled resources to face the challenges and complexities of your projects.

Why our clients choose Nicholas Bernard Ltd?

SAP Specialist- 'Jack of all trades, master of none'. Nicholas Bernard Ltd is specialized resource delivery agency purely to the SAP market. As a SAP Specialist, we understand the challenges specific to a SAP system and implementation project, and are therefore better equipped to supplying the right solution.

Competitive Pricing- Competitive pricing is the center piece of value. We commit to providing an excellent service with added value at a competitive and fair price.

Professional- To build a long lasting partnership, trust in an important ingredient. We aim to gain trust from our clients by being professional and ethical at all times. Respect is earned when you are trusted and that is the basis of a great commercial relationship.

Quality and Accuracy- Ultimately using Nicholas Bernard Ltd you will save time in the recruitment process allowing you to focus on other tasks. We thoroughly screen candidates and apply skill matching techniques to ensure that we shortlist quality candidates, so that you will be presented the best candidates for your organization and projects.

Time and Delivery- We understand that time is the key to all solutions. We are organized in a way to ensure contact specific candidates shortlisted for your potential roles in the quickest possible time, giving you a options on resources for selection.

Local Solutions- We understand that our clients want local consultants whom speak the local languages, are familiar with the local country specific legislations and laws, with the same business culture and aptitude as our clients, and more importantly at local rates. For this reason, we seek to supply local consultants for each project. Only in the event of a scarce resource in that specific country would be we look to bring in foreign consultants.

We won't sell and run, we want repeat business. We aspire to be known for excellence and want to feel good for what we do. Most importantly we want a partnership.

Connecting with our clients is the first step to building a long lasting partnership

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